Welcome To Gils.dev

Hello my name is Gilang or you can also call me 0xtoshi, almost every day I spend time diving into Web3 technology and Cryptocurrency

What I've learned?

I have learned several fields in web3 such as Onchain analyst and Dapp.

  • Hop Protocol Sybil Hunter

    Contributed in Hop Sybil Hunter Program verified by the team

  • Connext Network Sybil Hunter

    Contributed in Connext Sybil Hunter Program verified by the team

  • Dune On-chain Analyzoor

    Dune Analytics is one of the world's blockchain ecosystem analytics

  • Genii Data On-chain Analyzoor

    Genii OGs. Genii is a realtime blockchain data that supports multiple networks

  • Flipside Explorer

    Explorer in Flipside, Flipside is The Most Reliable Blockchain Data in the world

  • Arkham Analyzoor

    Using Arkham to Analyzoor Sybil Data, Deanonymizing The Blockchain Data

  • Building Tools at JEJAK.IO

    Building tool to make it easier for you to dive deeper into web3.

  • Node Runner

    Run Node Both Execution clients and Consensus clients Testnet & Mainnet

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JEJAK.IO is a tool that I am developing to make it easier for you to dive into Web3.